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Training and Education


Hosted Test™ offers Training and Educational Organizations an effective and cost-efficient software application to administer tests, assessments, evaluations, practice exams and other types of graded or scored questionnaires online.

  • Educators can easily administer exams for distance learning programs, as well as facilitated classroom tests
  • Students in distance learning are provided a convenient, non-travel, secure way to take important exams
  • Training organizations can offer practice tests (for a fee or free) over the Web to prepare students and members for actual certification testing
  • Corporate trainers and legal departments can implement compliance programs for their employees using the corporate Intranet or Internet

Hosted Test™ enables educators, students and administrators to benefit from online test-taking. Our testing software provides a secure and flexible vehicle for all types of testing and assessment projects. Both administrators and students benefit from the convenience of administering and taking tests without travel. Educators get real-time results and scores without sorting through mounds of paper or purchasing expensive equipment.


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