Hosted Test software for online testing and assessments, test authoring software, create online testsDo-it-yourself test authoring tool, administration and scoring softwareWe can do-it-all-for-you or collaborate with you on your testing and assessment projectsTest systems integration and outsourcing including test development, administration, hosting and data interfaces to your LMSProvide the testing application to your customers or employees under your own private label as if it were your software
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Service Level Agreement


Hostedware is committed to providing you with superior service and support. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides security, service, support, uptime and performance targets to you.


The data created by you is owned exclusively by you. Hostedware will never use your data or make your data available to any third party. Hostedware ensures the privacy of your data by utilizing industry best-practices for security such as password protection, data encryption and secure networks. Hostedware ensures the safety of your data by making regular nightly backups for disaster recovery purposes.


Data is stored using Microsoft SQL Server on state-of-the-art Compaq file servers. The transfer of sensitive data, such as credit card information, as appropriate, is accomplished over a secure network using secure socket layers (SSL). Components of the system, where technically feasible, are redundant and fault tolerant for Hostedware's operations.

Service and Support

Hostedware will provide during 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Hostedware's normal business days, telephone and email customer service support to you to assist in resolving problems, obtaining clarification relative to our services and reporting suspected defects or errors in our services.


Hostedware will diligently work for the prompt resolution of defects and errors in our services, and will respond to you by using a dedicated contact telephone number or email address for each support call.


In the case of a system down condition attributable to Hostedware, Hostedware may utilize other means of communication for reporting of errors and conditions.


Hostedware will respond to and complete correction of errors, defects and malfunctions, in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Severity 1: Causes data corruption or system crash or you cannot make effective use of our services;
  • Severity 2: Feature does not work as documented, no reasonable work around exists and you have a critical need of the feature;
  • Severity 3: Feature doesn’t work as documented but a reasonable work around exists or you can wait for the next release for a fix;
  • Severity 4: Enhancement request.

Hostedware will make an initial response to a Severity 1 normal maintenance call within two hours after receipt. Severity 1 calls will be handled on a 24 hour by 7 day a week basis. Hostedware will use reasonable efforts to provide a fix, work around, or to patch Severity 1 bugs within twenty four (24) hours after the bug is replicated by Hostedware and confirmed as a bug by Hostedware.

Provided that maintenance calls are received within Hostedware's normal maintenance hours, Hostedware will make an initial response to Severity 2 maintenance calls within four hours after receipt. Hostedware will make reasonable efforts to provide a fix or work around for Severity 2 bugs within three (3) business days.


Provided that maintenance calls are received within Hostedware's normal maintenance hours, Hostedware will make an initial response to Severity 3 maintenance calls within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt. Hostedware will make reasonable efforts to identify a resolution to Severity 3 bugs within thirty (30) days and to incorporate Severity 3 fixes in the next upcoming release of the product.


Provided that maintenance calls are received within Hostedware's business hours, Hostedware will make an initial response to Severity 4 maintenance calls within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt. Severity 4 issues will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Customers agree to appoint one person as the principle point of contact for the communication of bugs and errors to Hostedware and for the receipt of bug and error fixes, work arounds and updates, if any. Additionally, customers may appoint another person as a back up of the principle contact.

Uptime Guarantee

The portions of our software application services which are operated by Hostedware will have at least 99.4% uptime, as measured monthly, excluding planned downtime. In addition, the portion of our software application services operated by Hostedware will not experience more than two outages (unscheduled downtime) of more than two hours in any month.

Hostedware will notify you within one hour of any known and verified unscheduled downtime of our services, and update the status to you periodically until the service is back up. Hostedware will immediately notify you when the service is restored.


Scheduled downtime will be no greater than four hours bi-weekly and will happen at a regularly scheduled time during off-peak periods. The current plan is for scheduled downtime to occur every two weeks between 10PM and 2AM Pacific Time on Saturday evenings. Actual scheduled downtime will normally not exceed thirty (30) minutes. A mechanism will be put in place by which users are notified of scheduled down time expected to be over one hour at least seventy-two (72) hours before downtime occurs.

System Performance

Latency of any data from the time Hostedware's server receives the request to serve such data to the time when Hostedware's server begins to serve such data shall be less than or equal to three seconds for most processes. High volumed data transfers, uploads, downloads and reports are exceptions.



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