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Hosted Test™ Private Label Options


What is Private Label?

Private label is a term that describes the ability to brand, personalize and customize a third-party product or service under your own organization's name. The underlying technology may be developed and owned by another company, but you brand and tailor the product using logos, and setting color schemes, layouts, languages and other configurable options to make the system look like it comes from you.


Hosted Test™ offers two levels of private label or branding: 1) the tests you author and administer, and 2) the software application and technology that allows you to author and administer your tests. Everyone who uses Hosted Test™ can private label their tests; customers who offer testing services as part of their core business often also want to private label the whole application.


The Basic ASP online application, found at, allows you to private label your tests and assessments, and is the simplest (and sometimes least expensive, entry level) way to use Hosted Test™. If you need multiple end-user (author/admin) accounts, or if you want to private label not only your tests, but the actual software tool used to author and administer the tests, or if your testing volume is relatively high, then the Private Label ASP plan is a good choice for you.


Note that both editions are full-featured. The private label (multiple account) editions give you additional account management functions, such as the ability to create shared question and template libraries.


Basic ASP (Online) Edition

The Basic ASP Edition is available online, with no setup or configuration. Simply open an account and start creating tests. This is an excellent option for the majority of customers, and a good starting point even for those who are considering private label and license options. Pricing is based on usage, which is measured in terms of responses, or completed tests, and range in price from $1.00 each to $0.20 each (for higher volumes, preferred account status and academic use).


Private Label Edition (Hosted and Managed)

The Private Label ASP plan is priced based on two factors: the number of available "accounts" (test authors and administrators) and the number of available "responses" (completed tests). With the private label ASP plan, we do everything for you (hosting, maintenance, upgrades, configuration, backups, technical support to authors, administration, etc.). Since we are managing the application services, our charges are tied closely to expected usage (end-user/author accounts plus anticipated responses).


We also offer OEM editions for customers who want to bundle online testing with their own software and services, or resell testing software and assessment services to their customers.


Please contact us to tell us more about your needs, requirements, and intended use, and we can discuss your options in more detail, provide specific pricing information, and make product recommendations.



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