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Preparatory Exams


Practice before you test!

Hostedware partners with organizations and firms who develop and administer practice and preparatory exams for students and professionals who are preparing for educational testing, high school and college entrance exams, and professional certification.


Below are two examples of Hostedware partners:



Established by two educators, at the elementary and secondary level, PREPSKILLS, Inc. (formerly Prep SSAT, Inc.) fills a niche by preparing students to write Ontario private and independent school admission examinations, including the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).


The SSAT is used by many private schools as a way of comparing applicants from different lower- and middle-schools. The test is given by the Secondary School Admission Test Board


There are two levels of the SSAT. The Lower Level is used for students in grades 5 through 7, and the Upper Level is used for students in grades 8 through 11. Learn more by visiting


Click here to see a sample of the practice SSAT exam. has been in the making since its founder, Dr. Robert Schuck, began his very first board studies. From that time Dr. Schuck knew that there was a need for affordable and flexible board study options, options designed to help the student self-evaluate his or her learning in order to determine the need to pursue additional study options to prepare for taking the chiropractic board certification examinations.


Through these carefully written practice examinations students evaluate themselves to determine whether board review courses may be a helpful addition to their board preparation. Repetition is a fundamental aspect of learning so students are at liberty to take the exams as many times as necessary.


Click here to see a sample of the practice chiropractic board certification exam.




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