Hosted Test software for online testing and assessments, test authoring software, create online testsDo-it-yourself test authoring tool, administration and scoring softwareWe can do-it-all-for-you or collaborate with you on your testing and assessment projectsTest systems integration and outsourcing including test development, administration, hosting and data interfaces to your LMSProvide the testing application to your customers or employees under your own private label as if it were your software
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Information Technology


Hosted Test™ gives you the tools you need to design and implement tests, assessments and evaluations over the Internet or corporate Intranet.


Hostedware will work with you to deliver testing and assessment technology solutions to your business end-users and department heads with very little effort - yet a lot of bang for the buck. Outsource these types of IT projects to us, or license an Intranet version of our software applications and offer them across all divisions. Either way, we can help you get your online testing projects done quickly and effectively, so you can focus on your larger technology concerns.


We know how long your list is, and how much your staff and other resources are in demand. We can help. Your end users will be thrilled at what they can do, and you'll be thrilled to get some of the smaller projects off your plate so you can continue to focus on the bigger items.


Areas of your company that may be conducting online testing:

Human Resources and Legal - skills evaluations, candidate screening, compliance certification, performance evaluations, reviews and assessments.


Corporate Training - classroom testing, pre- and post-tests for courses, distance learning, career testing, product certification, statutory and regulatory compliance, internal policy compliance.


Market Research - pre-qualification, concept testing, pre- and post-tests for product demonstrations, product documentation and training materials.

You can use the Hosted Test™ platform to move paper-based forms and questionnaires online, to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes such as scoring and certificate handling, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your in-house employee database.


Please click here to open your evaluation account. Or, contact us by emailing Customer Service. We'll respond usually on the same day; always by the next business day.

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