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Human Resources


Hosted Test™ offers specialized solutions for human resources departments, staff development managers, and recruiting professionals to assess potential candidates for new hire, promotion, job transfer, and ongoing skills certification or compliance.

  • Use Hosted Test™ to streamline your testing processes, and help make them more efficient and timely - Test employees from anywhere in the world, reducing costs and administrative burdens
  • Discover sooner rather than later whether your job applicant has the skills, personality and work ethic you need and expect in your organization
  • Automate your certification testing, compliance and skills assessments for internal promotions, new employee assignments, and ongoing staff verification
  • Expand selling techniques, increase selling effectiveness and improve customer satisfaction from sales team and account managers

You can use the Hosted Test™ platform to move paper-based forms and questionnaires online, to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes such as scoring and certificate handling, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your in-house employee database.


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Hosted Test has provided us with tools that allow us to test our employees' skills and abilities. This is our first testing project using an on-line format. Our return on investment has been significant - we have saved time and money. And your support has been great!


Crystal Williams

Sales Training Specialist



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