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Hosted Test™ is a fully web-based software application for creating tests and assessments. With Hosted Test™ you can immediately create custom tests with no software installations, downloads or programming. All aspects of the test development, administration and reporting are done online. It's this easy:

1. Create your test by entering your questions in a form-based template. Your test can be any length with an unlimited number of questions and answers.


2. Customize and personalize by adding optional logo, images, colors, backgrounds, and custom navigation buttons and text. Customize your instruction and exit pages. Personalize your e-mail invitations (optional).


3. Test your form and you are ready to go! Students can see your test directly on your web site or can open it from a hyperlink. They'll see it exactly as you designed it ( remains transparent). As soon as tests are taken, scores are tabulated and stored in a secure database.


4. View test scores and monitor your gradebook in real-time. If you take your work home, you can leave the paper behind. Simply log on to the Internet, and have instant access to your tests and gradebook from your home computer.

Your data remains in your database forever until you purge it. Keep historical data to understand trends, see changes over time, and make comparisons. Or you may extract your data to your own computer and permanently delete it from the hosted database at any time.




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