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Pricing for Basic ASP Model


The Hosted Test™ Basic ASP Model is our online, web-based edition found right here at "ASP" stands for Application Service Provider, meaning simply that we provide the software application and related services to you, over the Internet. No downloads, installations or investment in technology infrastructure is required, and it's so easy to use, anyone can get up and running right away — in fact, you can get started right now!


Standard "Per Response" Plan

With your first 100 responses (completed tests) free, you can create an online test or evaluation at absolutely no cost and no obligation. Hosted Test™ is provided to you fully-featured with all advanced options available from the moment you open your account.


Our popular "per response" plan is a pay-as-you-go model perfect for one-time tests and evaluation projects as well as recurring assessments and certification programs.


Simply open your account and you'll get:

  • Full use of Hosted Test™ software application for test design, administration, scoring, grade book and other tabulation
  • Unlimited number of tests with unlimited number of questions
  • Online scoring, web-based results analysis, easy access to raw data, and multiple export formats
  • Email invitation and list management for students, employees, members, attendees and other test-takers
  • Automatic hosting and deployment of your tests, plus secure database storage for test templates, a personal question & answer library, and all your test results
  • Ongoing and historical data storage - no monthly fees! You may keep your account open as long as you wish, and your data will remain safe and secure (may be deleted at customer option)
  • 24/7 access and availability of data at all times while your account is open
  • Automatic software upgrades and maintenance
  • Customer email support

Pre-Paid Response Packages

If you purchase:

You'll get them for:

For a total of:

100 responses

1.00 each


500 responses

0.90 each


1,000 responses

0.80 each


2,500 responses

0.70 each


5,000 responses

0.60 each


10,000 responses

0.50 each


20,000 responses

0.40 each



Response packages may be used for multiple tests over a period of 18 months from the purchase date.

All response packages are pre-paid and non-refundable. The more responses you purchase in advance (the larger the package size), the lower the individual response price. We recommend that customers generally purchase, in advance, what they expect to use over a 3 to 6 month period.


Special Pricing Plans Available

We have developed "extra special" pricing plans and discounts for:

  • Accredited universities, colleges and other academic and educational use
  • Non-profit and membership organizations
  • Government
  • Small businesses and individuals
  • Preferred customer account status

Contact us to see if you are eligible for a special pricing plan or discount.


Optional Services

As an additional service, we offer several supplemental support options to assist you in the setup and administration of your tests.


Email Customer Service to learn more about our wide range of attractive pricing options. Custom quotes can be developed to meet your exact requirements and budget.




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