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Use Hosted Test  to conduct online certification exams and present your test takers with an instant PDF certificate.

Hosted Test™ helps you conduct
tests and assessments online.

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Special Academic Pricing

Hosted Test™ is offering discounts and
low, low pricing for accredited universities, colleges, K-12 and other academic use.

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Create online tests from your content, using our software.
It doesn't get any easier than this!


If you need online testing software, we have the easy, affordable solution.


Are you involved with. . .

Corporate Training?

Distance Education?

Preparatory or Practice Exams?

Employee Skills Evaluations?

Automated Certification or Compliance Programs?

  • Compile test scores automatically
  • Compare and average scores over multiple tests and assignments
  • Instantly tabulate overall grades
  • Merge student, course and test data to and from existing systems or databases
  • Examine the information by student and by course, including both present enrollees and historical trends

With over 7,000 members who need to demonstrate their knowledge, we chose Hosted Test. Not only is it far more convenient for the members than driving to a physical location, it is much easier for us, as test administrators. Our members can take the test over the Internet, anytime, day or night - and we get the results in real time. A huge time savings for both members and staff.


Renee McLain - Director of Technology Training
Northern Ohio Regional Multiple Listing Service


Corporate Training

Make sure your employees have internalized the lessons in your training programs. Follow up your trainings with tests that reveal their understanding and skills. Determine readiness for the next training module - or an individual employee's need for extra help.


Distance Education

Evaluate student knowledge before starting courses, and determine what they've learned after course completion. Integrate our testing software into your e-learning systems for meaningful results when reporting to granting agencies, department heads, and corporate partners.


Preparatory and Practice Exams

Take the test before it really counts. Practice and prepare for important certification or placement exams, and use our software to correct mistakes and study more efficiently. From high school students using to prepare for SSAT tests to new chiropractors approaching their licensing exam through, our model tests build confidence and skills, so students are ready for the real thing.


Employee Skills Evaluations

Human Resources professionals will know they've made good hiring choices. Now it's easy to test job applicants, and match employer skills requirements to potential job candidates in staffing agency databases.


Automated Certification and Compliance Programs

In our litigious world, certifications and competencies are ever-more important. You need to enforce standards among your members or employees on a broad range of issues. To name a few: legal and regulatory compliance, sexual harassment or discrimination prevention, and even rules of membership.


Compliance certification doesn't have to be a headache! Automate the drudgery with our software.


Contact us to discuss your specific testing needs or click here to get a price quote designed just for you.


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Due to Hostedware's quality, delivery, attention to detail, courtesy and great patience, my company was able to advance a contract with a critical customer, which will have a significant impact on our sales.


Bernard Martinage

Founding President

Federation of Dining Room Professionals

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